A few words regarding the False Flag Attacks in Paris

The events in Paris on Fri, Nov 13th 2015 have shocked the world. Similar to what has happened on Sept. 11th   in the USA and other assassination attempts throughout the world which have been exploited by the “Lügenpresse” / fabricated/ lying media.


During the pending media coverage throughout the night of Nov 13th to 14th, 2015 so-called Islamic fundamentalists (IS or ISIS) were appointed as perpetrators without proof of evidence. If they would have been convinced Muslim freedom fighters, wouldn’t it make sense to dedicate their fight to the true Zionistic terrorists like regimes, banks or big corporations?


Murder or like in this case mass murdering people in concert halls or soccer stadiums wouldn’t make any sense for Islamists, would it? But terrifying Paris, France and Europe with anguish and terror would make sense for Zionists, arms manufacturers and regimes (any kind of regime) and Zionistic US- shaped mainstream media help to take its people for a fool and insult every ones intelligence.


Any single strike of so-called extremist Muslim groups in Europe or North America throughout history has been proved false in the end and served, without fail, only for the purpose of propaganda in our existing western world and trough and trough corrupt system.


Charlie Hebdo in France turned out to be a stage-managed show of the establishment to justify mutilation of freedom against humanity.


Now and in cooperation with the current events, which for the European regime amounts to its critical phase, will be another reason for enforcing the dictatorship EU by entirely controlling the masses.


Each one of us should be aware by now that the manipulators simply don’t turn up from the desert of the Arabic world but are seated within the European Parliament. The true terrorists are seated in the Bundestag/ German Parliament. The true terrorists are seated in the White House. The largest enemies of humanity and humanness of the world occupy the executive suites of banks, weapon corporations, Secret Services, schools, pharmaceutical companies, academic medicine, insurance companies, courthouses, newspaper editorials and broadcasting corporations. This list could be prolonged on and on.

In terms of what might happen to us based on the corrupt government representatives we all should be aware, that neither the fleeing people nor (true) freedom fighters are at fault here in this controlled chaos but its people who represent the system of injustice: from the Rockefeller’s and Rothschild’s of the world down to the farting clerks of the system, everybody who feeds the system with its so-called money in form of taxes, who prefers to be steered and blackmailed and by financially supporting injustice ( and through indoctrination seriously believing being a “good citizen” and doing good deeds). Repressing and killing people are not a good deed. This is exactly what our sociopathic and psychopathic reigns perform every day.


So let us remember the victims of Paris, let us bethink and realize that we have to hold the reigns and their henchmen responsible for their monstrous crimes. And don´t let them convince us to be just like sheep or that people of Islamic faith are at fault here.


If we do not oppose all of this in some way or another our own children will have to go on living in a cruel, cruel world.


This world could be such a wonderful place to live if we refuse to be incapacitated. We could live as sovereign and self-sustaining creators of our own essence.


The transition of awareness has already begun and a conscious and intelligent man doesn’t put up with lies or let himself be dominated by anyone, neither by an Axel- Springer publishing company nor by Angela Merkel, and neither by so-called laws nor by lies being told in the newspapers.


None of the so-called government takes site with us. But don’t vent your resentment by hating people from the other side of the world. Do not accept authorities. Don’t believe in anybody who scatters lies. Mistrust anyone who presses laws and regulations on to you. Do not support any of this.


The game of “divide and conquer” has come to an end and sovereign people should not only wake up right away but stand up and defy “them up there”. 


If we don't rise up today, tomorrow it might be too late!


Namaste, Love, Peace and Justice.





Translated by Hippiebraut

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    fifileigh (Sonntag, 15 November 2015 06:12)

    i know. the zionists have been doing this for a long time to create their new world order agenda, totalitarian society, one world government, and world domination. and, don't forget the zionists in UK and france and israel. they all work together on the same agenda.

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    PattyD (Samstag, 21 November 2015 06:28)

    NATO Can take out 20 -30 thousand ISIS
    NATO Establish and maintain no fly zone. NATO Army to Syria
    SEND ALL Refugees Back
    If this goes on NWO could impose mandatory MARK BEAST IMPLANTS

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